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Samsung J530LKS U3 9.0 Dual Sim Firmware/ Flash file

  1. J530lks U3Firmware add multilanguage
  2. Fix Ussd
  3. Fix Basband name
  4. Remove all unwanted apps
  5. Fix Sms
  6. Fix MMi Code
  7. Add H+ and Also 4G Sign
  8. Hotspot Wifi Fix
  9. Build Like As international Model
  10. Latest Basband 7.0
  11. Odin Flashible Rom
  12. Playstore Add done.
  13. Remove Chinese Logo.
  14. Andriod Version 9.0
  15. Support dual sim


  1. Back up your important data
  2. Extrect SAMSUNG (Zip,rar,7zip)
  3. Insatall samsung usb driver
  4. Download latest Odin Tool
  5. Extrect the downloaded Odin
  6. Run the Odin exe
  7. Enter the phone on DOWNLOAD MODE (Currently the new samsung phones different keys so the way to Download different mode)
  • Method 1: Press and hold 3 HOME+ POWER+VOLUME DOWN keys then press VOLUME Up if it is weak
  • Method 2: Press and hold 3 keys POWER + VOLUME DOWN + BIXBY keys
  • Method 3: Press and hold 2 VOLUME DOWN + VOLUME UP keys and plug in the USB cable connected to the PC
  • Method 4: Press and hold 3 keys POWER+ VOLUME DOWN+VOLUME UP
  • Method 5 : Press and Hold 2 VOLUME DOWN+ BIXBY keys and plug in the USB cable connected to the PC
  1. Connect your Samsung Phone to the computer
  2. Select the ROM file on Odin as Follows: because the full file should have all 4 files
    • Add the Bl_xxxxxxx file to BL
    • Add the AP_xxxxxx file to AP
    • Add the CP_xxxxxx file to CP
    • Add the CSC_xxxxxx file to CSC



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