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Corporate Citizen: Definition and Role in Society

What is a corporate citizen? What are the foundations of the corporate citizen? What is the company’s role in society and how is it evolving? The new social and environmental challenges have a significant impact on economic activity, prompting managers to review their strategy to meet the new expectations of …

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Infopreneur: Definition

Infopreneur: definition The infopreneur is a new online profession that very few people know yet. However, this is a very interesting job because it makes money easy and cheaper. More specifically, the infopreneur is an entrepreneur who sells dematerialized products on the internet. In particular information that appears in the …

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The Benefits of Watermelon

Watermelon, made from 92% water, has fabulous moisturizing properties while being low in fat and cholesterol free. Here are other reasons to put some on your menu. Lots of water! Nothing more refreshing to eat than a fruit made of 92% water! Water plays a vital role in regulating body …

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